Flour Mill volunteers needed

We currently are looking for two or more volunteers for Saturdays at the historic Arvada Flour Mills located in Olde Town Arvada. Current hours are 11am – 2pm.

 There are two roles to fill – the Tour Guide and the Greeter.  A volunteer may specialize in one or may switch off with another volunteer. 

The Tour Guide will take people through the mill and share both the history of the mill and the milling process while showing the various machinery.  Tours generally take 20-30 minutes but are tailored to the interest of the attendees.  Tour Guides ensure safety of attendees as there are some hazards along the way and keeps the group together.

The Greeter stays in the front room and visits with people, shares the history of the mill, answers questions, assists with books and other merchandise and ensure people don’t wander into the mill unattended.

If interested, email us at arvadahistory@outlook.com or call 303-431-1261 and leave a message to get the full job description.